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Carl Galea’s 1982 TF SLX “Star Sign”

Hayley drove it through Year 12 at school, Uni, a pizza delivery job and in few years in suburban Melbourne. The car finally retired in 2010 in quite a sad state with my choice to wreck or restore?

Raelene Gard’s “Violet” – 1984 TG SL Sedan

"Violet" is the completely Original Gemini, a 1984 TG SL Sedan

Fathers Day Car Show – Old Gippstown Moe 09 2015

GGOCC showing their strength at the Father's day car show in Moe!

Melbourne Gemini ‘Barbecrew’ 09 2015

GGOCC take part in the 'Barbecrew' in Menzies Creek

Garfield Car Show Nov 2015

GGOCC take part in the Garfield Car Show

CAMs Awards Night Dec 2015

We made it!!

Kris Wheelers Collection

Kris the collector!

Anthony Buza’s ’78 Gemi

Tony's Blue Beauty

Tim Gard’s Gemini Coupe

Tim's fierce coupe!

Craig Dutton’s 1979 TD SL/X Gemini Sedan

Craig Dutton's 1979 TD SL/X Gemini Sedan - A finely tuned beast!