Motorsport Australia – Officials Training

The GGOCC club and other Motorsport affiliated clubs have been invited to participate in Officials training. Becoming an official means you get to right in the middle of the action in many disciplines of Australian Motorsport and is a great way to start or expand your racing career!

As you possibly already knew, several of the GGOCC members are either officials or racers and would be happy to chat with you about this opportunity.

If you are interested – either contact Motorsport Australia directly or message the group on the Financial Members Facebook Chat. There has also been an email go out to all members with the same information. Feel free to reply to the email to be put in contact with the right people!

The official broadcast from Motorsport Australia is below!

Motorsport Australia Officials Training 2020

Are you looking at expanding your motorsport resume? Get involved in one of the upcoming officials training courses happening around Victoria.

Officials can enrol via the Motorsport Australia website by visiting and clicking on “Enrol in a Face to Face Course”

If you are signing up as a Motorsport Australia Official for the first time, please first follow this link to join the team –

Additional training courses will be added to the website throughout the year. If a course is not yet available, please register your interest by selecting the course you wish to complete from the dropdown box at the bottom of the form. Once the course is available, Motorsport Australia can then contact you with an invitation to attend.

For further information regarding Motorsport Australia Officials Training within Victoria, please contact Chantel Collins on 03 9593 7740 or at

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