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Gregory Alan’s Green TC Coupe

A nice clean ride. Fashionable, no less. Meet the 1977 TC SL coupe in "Mint Julep Green" (1915-18C) with a fashion pack interior. Greg purchased a Vehicle Production Report from Holden which states the vehicle was completed on 02/09/1977 and built for internal company use in the Western Australian zone. The credited selling dealer is GMH, Woodville so it was dispatched from Acacia Ridge to Woodville, SA where it was first registered on SA registration. This is also on the original Vehicle Identification Certificate.  After its service in WA, it made its way back to SA and Greg was told it was kept by an elderly bloke who sold it in ...

Andrew Kaisers Coupe

These pictures are from the 'Holden Muster' in Lang Lang 2017. Andrew's marvellous machine was featured on Page 68 of the 'Wheels' magazine in 2017 also!

The opposite of a barn find

A Gemini found in the WA Bush! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHI9ECSNF4w

Holden Gemini, a love letter

This excerpt was borrowed from Holden Gemini, A Love Letter - Click the link for the full story! How GM's world car provided some comfort and solace to a young German immigrant in Australia in the 1970s. By Rob Margeit 12:35:25 October 2022 Our story last week about the return of the Gemini nameplate to Australian new car dealerships opened up a neural pathway to a time in my youth when the Holden Gemini was seemingly ubiquitous on our roads. I clearly remember as a German immigrant living in outer suburban Melbourne in the late 1970s and into the early ’80s, the preponderance of what I always saw ...

Fathers Day Car Show – Old Gippstown Moe 09 2015

GGOCC showing their strength at the Father's day car show in Moe!

Melbourne Gemini ‘Barbecrew’ 09 2015

GGOCC take part in the 'Barbecrew' in Menzies Creek

Garfield Car Show Nov 2015

GGOCC take part in the Garfield Car Show

CAMs Awards Night Dec 2015

We made it!!

Kris Wheelers Collection

Kris the collector!

Cam Sonno’s TX Drag Animal

Cam Sonno's TXPSI Drag Animal