Kris Wheelers Collection

Definitely a true fan, Kris has multiple Gemini’s in his hot hands!

TE SL/X Sedan

I brought my TE from my brother in 1999. It had a mildly worked1600 with a sports exhaust, lowered with the rims on it. I had a car pull out in front of me, resulting in new Radiator support panel, new Head lights, grill and bumper. At the same time car received a full respray in Burmuda Blue (VS Commodore colour). After 12 months at the Panel shop, I finally got her back, only to blow the motor. It was then rebuilt to Standard specs, but running extractors, sports exhaust, electronic ignition and Redline Air Filter.


TD Gemini Sedan

I got the TD Sedan at Easter 2014. The plan for it is to fit a SR20DET Black Top. I am using Motorsport Essentials in Braeside to do all the fabrication work. The end result will be the SR20 coupled with a S13 Gearbox and custom tail shaft, with Heavy Duty Torque Tube using the Altra 9 Diff Billet Axels and VN rear disc Brakes and VS front discs. It will be engineered, so I will be running Standard ECU and Catalytic Converter. I will be going for a stock look to begin with, but down the track, I’d like to it up with a bit of Chevette styling.


TD Station Wagon

The TD Wagon is my daily driver is totally stock standard.

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