Vic Roads

As we all know, the old Gemini isn’t exactly the newest kid on the block.

We come from chrome bumpers through to the plastic we see today – but we are classics.

Vic Roads gives us the opportunity to put our fine machines on the road via their Victorian CPS (Club Permit Scheme) – This gives our financial members the ability to put their historical vehicles on the road on a limited used permit (45 or 90 days per year at a very discounted rate).

There are requirements and obligations that need to be met by members to gain and retain their club permit on an ongoing permit. But never fear! This means you’re only required to bring your pride and joy a few events per year – if you would like more information on how this process works, then use the contact form on the website to contact us and we will happily let you know all about it.

If you have ever wondered how you spot a CPS registered car, just look for that maroon plate.

For more information on Vic Roads and the CPS scheme, visit the Club Permit section of the Vic Roads website.