Become a HGOCV Financial Member (or renew your existing!)

Join today to become a Financial Member and receive all the perks that come with it! If you're renewing, please use the same forms but include your member number where possible. If you do not know this number, please put RENEWAL in the box.

Standard Member $50 Yearly

Standard membership

Includes Annual Membership, Invitation to Club events and general meetings (includes postage and handling).

For new Members - Merchandise! (while stocks available)

HGCOV Stubby Holder and Stickers!


Access to apply for the Club Plates Scheme and your Motorsport Australia license! Note If you are already a member on CPS - your renewal must be performed by the PDF form and scanned/signed

Associate Member $25 Yearly


Includes Annual Membership (with card), Invitation to Club events and general meetings (includes postage and handling).

What does membership mean?
As a member of the Holden Gemini Club of Victoria, we provide many valuable opportunities throughout the year. Such as the ability to gain a Motorsport Australia racing licence, register your car through our VicRoads Club Permit Scheme, get discounts at our many retailers and sponsors of the club, and most importantly provide numerous events throughout the year aimed at the whole family.
The HGCOV is also extending the opportunities to members to be affiliated with both Motorsport Australia and VicRoads.
  • Motorsport Australia - which gives you the opportunity to obtain a motor racing licence or an official licence to work at motorsport events.
  • VicRoads - which allows you to be entitled to our Club Permit Scheme, permitting you to drive your pride and joy on the road for a dramatically reduced price.
These relationships are viewed as benefits to all of our members and give you privileges far beyond your everyday car club.
The HGCOV gives its member's experiences that not all car clubs can provide, the club gives our members the opportunity to attend a gala event once a year, where you have the chance to be recognised as a club member and or car of the year! Complementing this we have get-togethers all the time, where we all can catch up and the club passes on valuable information and have a great old chin wag.
The club also tailors some events based around the race track atmosphere. Where you may be able to take your car for a drive around the track, with the company of your family and friends. we have social-based events such as meet and greets, family fun days and a variety of themed cruises to and from different venues.
We are a family-orientated car club, and we actively arrange events with kids and partners in mind. We endeavour to make all of our events family-friendly with activities to keep the kids involved.
The club is organised and insured for all events, so you and your family can enjoy these occasions with the peace of mind, that your club has constructed the event by thinking of everyone’s safety first.
With keeping all that we have to offer in mind our membership fee is far from expensive, considering the number of available resources we have to share with our members.
If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the club at
Frequently asked Questions
What happens if I join mid-year?
If you join mid-year and you are applying for a Standard Membership, your membership fee will be pro-rated. e.g. If you join in October, the membership fee is $30. Contact us for more information.
What is the payment method?
Membership payments can be made to the following account; Bank: Westpac Bank Account Account Name: Holden Gemini Club of Victoria BSB: 033262 Account: 415602 Reference: Surname or DOB
Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone?
Of course! The only special consideration here is that the recipient of the gift will still need to confirm that they accept our insurance policy and other obligations. Contact us if you need more information on this.
When will I receive my membership?
As soon as your payment is received and the Committee has approved your application, your membership pack will be processed straight away!