Australian Motorsport

HGCOV and Australian Motorsport

The Holden Gemini Club of Victoria (HGCOV) since its inception has maintained a strong relationship with the Australian Motorsport Australia organisation. We as a club see this as an integral part of who we are and it opens the club up to opportunities that would not be possible without their support.

Australian Motorsport Australia essentially oversees most Motorsport events in Australia. Being an FIA (Fédération Internatnale de l’Automobile) affiliated organisation they are responsible for ensuring the safety, regulation and enjoyment of some of the events that you have come to know – anything from Bathurst to the Hill climb events, even a show and shine or two, that occur throughout Australia.

They are the only organisation in Australia that support and encourage car clubs like the HGCOV in becoming a growing thriving club. They enable us to hold events appropriately, with the support and insurance cover required to ensure we are all able to show off our cars and put ourselves out there!

They are the peak body for motor enthusiasts, which puts this relationship within the reach of people like you and me! They bring us access to businesses and sponsorship via the environment they put together throughout Australia.

Australian Motorsport Australia holds major sporting events through Australia – stay tuned to their calendar via their website!

If you are interested in racing, officiating or even showing off your ride, you can come and join the HGCOV and take advantage of the opportunities that the affiliation with CAMS provides. To give you some idea, if you want to participate in any event within Australia, the first step in the door in most circumstances is to have a relationship with a car club. From here, you can apply for an actual racing licence!

Keep an eye on this section of the HGCOV website and the Club’s Facebook Page for updates.

To access Australian Motorsport Australia directly, visit their website.

To keep updated on Australian Motorsport Australia news – read ‘Speed Read’

Now.. Not all of us have the time available or the necessary resources to race cars, but if you still want to get close to the action, you can, via CAMS work to become an actual racing official!