Become a CAMS Official!

Volunteer as an Official 

The Victorian Training Calendar for 2020 has just been released – take a look and either discuss it with the club or go it alone and register! We would love to have more Motorsport Officials in our Club – You might even find yourself on the track at one of our BBQs while the rest of us cook YOU your lunch!

You wouldn’t believe just how close you can get to the action without necessary having a race car!

Volunteer officials play an integral part into what makes the CAMS organisation and the events around Australia operate smoothly and safely. Without officials, Motorsport simply would not be a thing!

Even massive events like the Formula 1 would not happen with the officials that volunteer their time and skills into making it happen. There is also a little bonus perk that you get cheap or free entries into events, meet people that the layman would never have a chance to meet and free training and accreditation that is recognised in the real world. The training you receive through these programs are invaluable and can even help you in your everyday prospects and associations.

Talk to us about how this can happen – we have both committee and standard members who have already gone through these programs and will happily guide you on starting your journey!