Gregory Alan’s Green TC Coupe

A nice clean ride. Fashionable, no less.

Meet the 1977 TC SL coupe in “Mint Julep Green” (1915-18C) with a fashion pack interior.

Greg purchased a Vehicle Production Report from Holden which states the vehicle was completed on 02/09/1977 and built for internal company use in the Western Australian zone. The credited selling dealer is GMH, Woodville so it was dispatched from Acacia Ridge to Woodville, SA where it was first registered on SA registration. This is also on the original Vehicle Identification Certificate. 

After its service in WA, it made its way back to SA and Greg was told it was kept by an elderly bloke who sold it in 2011.

Greg bought it on eBay in 2011 for $4,500 and had it freighted to Melbourne where it has lived its best life ever since.

Sadly, he was unable to keep the original rego it had worn its entire life, but he still has the old SA rego plates.

It was a factory 4-speed manual but the elderly bloke had converted it to a T-bar auto when he bought it.
It now has a Gemini 5 speed from a TE as its transmission.

It’s 99% factory original, Greg has modified a slightly bigger 1.5″ exhaust but it has the original rear resonator so you wouldn’t know from the back. He has the original 13″ wheels and hubcaps and has recently put 13″ Bathurst globe wheels on it. 

The factory clock has been replaced with an Isuzu Gemini tacho and a set of triple gauges installed.

The master plan is to have the paint resprayed in the original factory green at some stage and he has an original TX big valve head to be installed shortly.

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