2023 Club Awards

Each year, the HGCOV provides a number of awards for great effort by the members and their participation in our events.

We use this information not only to provide thanks and praise, but we also use the events vote to help us to create events that grab the most attention and shape the club.

Please remember to include your membership number and note that only your first vote via this form will count. If you need to change your vote (up to seven days before the AGM, you will need to contact someone within the Committee. Their names are on the website.

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Event of the Year Award
Choose your favourite event! Preferably, one you attended!
From the present financial members, choose your favourite car! You can see some of the website https://www.holdengemini.club/index.php/media-centre/ or look in the financial club members chat
It is someone’s time to shine! From the financial members of the club, pick someone who you feel has dug deep and contributed strongly to the clubs success, growth and energy.
Who has inspired you in the club? Who deserves that extra spring in their step by acknowledging their growth in the club and what they contribute, let us know!.
Is there any other comments you would like to send to the committee?