One of my very first cars was a Holden Gemini, a yellow TX Sedan but was never road registered. Then I bought a red TD Coupe, this one was road registered and the love of my life! I have about 12 over the years and they are in my blood!

In my first marriage, with a young family, I wasn’t able to splurge on my passion, but I was always looking at Gemini’s wanting & wishing for one. In my 2nd marriage, my wife (Raelene Gard) supported all my crazy passions and realised that Gemini’s were part of who I was. On Valentine’s Day 2015, I bought my current TD SLE Coupe and haven’t looked back.

I always loved that the Holden Gemini was an affordable car. My friends owned Torana’s & Monaro’s, but I couldn’t afford one of these. Gemini’s are like a road registered go-kart – small, compact and made for corners!

The Club has bought together lots of passionate Gemini people and we’ve made lots of good friends over the years. I’m proud to be the President in 2018/19 and hope to excited to see the Club grow, meet more Gemini nuts and see what it can become.